If we're talking about Politic, we have to talk about our individual attitudes.

I'm aware of the marginalization of culture, races and gender in the conventional world. My motivation is to produce qualified content to stimulate the wealth of each living being. I produce artistic projects which engage sustainability, social inclusion in their whole art form's concept, formal technical approaches, aesthetic and production. I respect the diversity of culture, gender, races and aesthetics not just on my works, but mostly in my life as a neighbour, partner, friend or colleague.


I promote:


Circular economy

Sustainable practices

Green energy on sound art

Electronics certified by RoHS

Green energy on email and website developer

Fair music distribution

Zero waste

Fair music distribution

Gender & culture activism

Possibilities for musicians wealth



Below are some current musical projects including this practice:


SOUND energy Harvest




Feel welcome to contact me to get a quote or personal advice on the following themes: