The future of sonic-art spaces

MANT is a Smart Industry Hub of high culture performance for sonic entrepreneurs . It is a drop-in workplace interested to share the experience of collective sonic creation and practice. It main activities also include a research group of fair music distribution, sonic wealth and the practice of sustainability in the field of music business.     The space works as hybrid performance / creative workshop, intending to reach new borders of performances and audiences by sonic media concerts.  The space offers the following services:   - Co-working music studio - Artistic Residences - Mysore drop-in - Hackers club - fair music distribution group research

- Sustainable music group research - Sonic-media concerts - Events - Private art workspace

-Personal advise of Music business and digital distribution

A new practice, a new audience,a new choice

The Music market is a perfect demonstration to notice that a new system of values has been changed the way that we receive a live-sustain return, whereas non-profit initiatives become more valuable than the ones involving currency exchange. But how to survive physically as an artist by only non-profit feedback?

Mant (mantra, mat, mantle), is a worldwide project resetting a new system of the music industry and small artistic initiaves. A new appliance of sonic media concerts and its artistic tool-formats merge into actual necessity and discussions involving sustainability, globalization and human rights.

Mant is looking for funds and angels investors to accomplish the restauration and to be realize. If you're interest to contribute, share this post or contact us at the email