Conducting audiences remotly by your own instrument

In a reprogrammable sound performance, the musician, its audience, collaborators and environment can manipulate & interact with a musical instrument, code, music forms and blocks. All this agents interfere into the performance by compositional methods of live code music and hybrid sound systems, allowing new ways to connect sonic expression with digital dynamism.

The development of a web browser (thanks to Germán Greiner) would allow audiences to interact with one certain degree of risk:

Easy | Moderate | Expert By Local (same wifi) or remote network (different wifi), the instrument would interpret OSC messages sent by the Server.

In order to prevent uncontrolled results by a massive amount of active agents, the audience is divided by 3 - 5 groups (20 people max.). Each person of each group would be responsible with a certain functionality and its contribution would be only active when knurl's performer allowed to. Control of agents ‌ Like a conductor, the performer would be in charged to lead those groups into scheduled events and tasks, readaptating into new designed paths. An additional mode of performance offers this managment control to the Knurl's performer, interfering, leading and organizing those agents interference. He/she just has to select a specific subgroup (A B C or D) of a group (1, 2,3,4). The analogue buttons (an1,an2) sets a task, scheduling time by the amount of pressure applied on the button.

The platform will be soon available to access at: