a Smart Industry Hub of sonic development

MANT is a Smart Industry Hub dedicated to sonic entrepreneurship. Its basement works as a coworking space whereas entrepreneurs, designers, artists, researchers and musicians could work in collaboration or helping each other in their projects. MANT wants to connect makers with their audiences, therefore its members are encouraged to participate and include solutions of MANT Research about to noise pollution, digital streaming platform, sonic-media or interactive concert, sound energy harvest, city impact and global issues.  We offer access to 3D printers, a hackerspace, office desks, wealth activities, lounge and a modular studio/concert hall.

















- co-working music studio
- Mysore drop-in
- Hackers club
- MANT Research
- Sonic-media concerts/Events
- Private art workspace/ group meetings

-Services: Personal advice of Music business and digital distribution

Our facilities offers:

Sound materials and resources:
The design and concept of musical instruments, apps, games, controllers, platforms, interfaces, sequencers, filters and mixers. In Knurl, makers will have access to 3d Printers, electronics, solder stations, tables for music typography (score) or drawing.


Performative and practical applications
The production/promotion of interactive sonic media concerts and jams, involving Live code music practices and machine listening
.The events are open to the international and globalized public of Scheveningen.

City & global impact

Noise pollution
Operational systems of Algorithmic live music calculates and respect the delimitations and the sensibilities of space or body for musical concerts or sound installation, according to the delimitations of healthy ecosystem.


Sound energy harvest

Up-cycling scheveningen station

Electronics waste can be recycled into new prototypes of our members projects. The neighboorhod is wellcome to collaborate receiving discount for concerts, exposition or wealth activities.

Fresh & Wealth environment

A healthy environment for sharing experiences and support. Our members has access to yoga classes, concerts and a healthy/vegan lunch bar.


The spaces:

I am an investor

Investors can apply for an amount of to participate in an agreement based on debt or equity share. The profits of this startup are estimated to give its return on the coming 10 months after its foundation. This is because MANT involves small communities in different working times, spaces and necessities. It works smoothly for all.

The market predicts a potential increase of smart hub industries mainly located in business/ expats cities like The Hague and Amsterdam. 

Hackerspaces are also gradually revealing a potential space for development and technology, like FabLab (an international brand ground the creator of PRUSA 3D printer) or LabHacker ( Hackerspace aim the development of democratic tools in Brazilian parliament ).

Investors based on equity can be involved in all projects related to the space , with the possibility to apply royalties of startups based on the space.

Our profits expect to achieve:

- The development of an app that facilitates the production of a music Label and cd production and therefore, to contribute to a more fair music distribution system.

- Solutions for impact city program of the Hague related to noise pollution and circular industry
- Knurl: a reprogrammable cello
- Machine Listening systems application to interfaces, instruments and platforms
- Sustainable solutions for the music industry and noise pollution

MANT can be the future of music creation. To be a great part of it, write to us your commits and pitch to rafaele@mailbox.org

I'll make sure to make your investment a great and fair strategy of capital increase of all involved in this project.

I am a contributor

If you want to be part of a solution in a small scale, human hands are powerfull if they aim a main propose. If the project ressonates with your interest, MANT is in search for your pitch in the following areas:

- Interior design

- Marketing and Publicity

- Research and technology

- Sustainable development

- Entrepreneurship

Apply your submission sending to rafaele@mailbox.org with the title "MANT: Contributor application":

- Name, education and current career

- Your motivation

- CV

- Which role do you want to apply and what ideas do you want to bring

Being a contributor, you can receive free access to space, having the possibility to ground your own business, meetings, concerts and expositions

i want to be a member

Members are wellcome to estabilished it's new workspace and necessities in all facilities that the space include. Our applications will start in August,2020.

i want to volunteer