The project aims to verify the possible methods of interaction between performance, their musical score and eletroacoustic music, merging three softwares of the programming music: Supercollider, INScore and Lilypond. We intend to develop tools and patches, such as a diversity of approaches beyond the sensitive and interactivity of new art forms, as they can be to its audience, so as to please their participants ever since, to arouse new forms of life perception.


The project aims to explore and to merge the contrast of perceptions of interdisciplinary studies. We believe that the subdivision and rating of the work/study areas has become a problem nowadays. The area of expertise isolates their contents, making it increasingly distant and disregard to the real problems of our lively community.

The animate notation as a tool of new art's form. The concept has becoming popular since 10 years ago as a art presentation form which propose unity, interactivity, sensitivity of all our senses and unique symbolic reconstruction. It’s abstract as a life-form which the physical shape replaces the temporal musical line. As a incorporative role, this interdisciplinary proposal brings freedom and inspiration for the humans sensibility, causing a lot of curiosity and transcendence.

There is no better way to explore this content than the realization of an artistic piece. For this reason, we selected thema which also involve currently discussions of our contemporary time. (See more soon).