Rafaele Andrade's career as an accomplished creative artist, musical pioneer and producer is widely evidential. Her innovative artistic pieces and production techniques have been critiqued and discussed at the great length of international music scenes.  Since the beginning of XXI century, Rafaele pursued a career in the sound art field as a composer and cellist. Her passion was already remarcable at the first year of her bachelor at Conducting and Composition, when she ground, produced and conducted an orchestra (OMPFAP) with her 17 years old. Rafaele didn't born in a musician family, she learned scores by reading self-didactic books and to play an instrument by composing. For her, creativity and performance are naturally the same.  Also, She grew up in a time when Brazil was (and still) extremely violent and inequivalent with women. This search for justice and humblety was present in several pieces and productions of her. From now on, one of the most remarcable productions is the project "Rádio Delas", a broadcast award curated to only Latin america women composers, supported by IFPC UNESCO.

Unexpectedly during her experience into the traditional Leipzig's conservatory in Germany,  she merged into live coding music, grounding and participating of the first laptop orchestra of Leipzig (LLLE). Moving after it to the Netherlands, she became a member of the Netherlands Coding live. and get into the Hacker community via Revspace hackerspace.

Rafaele does not only work merging passion and motivation into her productions but also abstracting biological and psycho human necessities of the now, making her art a vital product of soundroundings.  She realized the urgency of the creation of a new musical tool (her own cello) that purely express a new world of rules between performance and creativity. During her studies at the Sonology department in the Netherlands, she started to build a reprogrammable electronic instrument, self-contained (microphone, microcontrollers, screen and speakers are included) and charged by renewable energy (solar and sound energy harvest). Knurl (the name or this cello), is completely recyclable, made by mycelium and recycled blue bottles, with CO neutral strings, microcontrollers and sensors certified by ROHS (a label that inspects non-letal chemical components for human beings). This latest project is an extension of her previous work, but also a shift into exploring the potential of acoustic instruments and digital music awareness to be enhanced through built-in electronic components, as well as the potential for music to be a shared endeavour between performers and audience members.


She is currently responsible for Mant, a worldwide project of production, performance and sustainable live sound art, her 'dream-project' according to her, that brings environmental practices on the traditional classic stage, which respect and include all the energy sources available at the environment. She visualizes orchestras, ensembles, artistic residences, workshops that could welcome a new innovative way of thinking music as a global energy exchange. Currently, she lives in the Hague ( the Netherlands), performs in Europe and Latin America and hopes to reach even wider aware audiences through her projects.

Rafaele is a member of the composers association group of Curitiba (Brazil), Círculo de invenção musical & the Netherlands Coding live.


Text: Henry Luthetmand